Client Testimonials

"As my business coach, Jim holds me accountable.  This forces me out of the “deer in the headlights” syndrome, and requires me to take immediate action on a short-term basis to achieve my goals, not procrastinating and putting things off to later.  I’ve hired Jim to be that other face I stare at across the desk, and say “yes I did this” or “no I didn’t”.  This spurs me to that next level of action, because I know I’ll have to answer to him"

Canfield Custom Buildings – Bill Canfield

Accountability is one of the main reasons I hired Jim Palzewicz as my business coach. I’ve asked Jim to hold me accountable, and he’s been very good at that. I’ve noticed him ratchet that up, as we work for better results in the business… in order for that to happen, I need to be held more accountable, and I need to be holding my employees more accountable as well. As a result of all this, I start seeing things in a different light. I’m also holding Jim accountable to help me get the results I want out of my business.

Exhibit Systems – Richard Magliocco

"The greatest gifts I have received as I work with Tom and ActionCOACH of Elm Grove are in the areas of personal development, motivation and attitude. After going through some rough times, my business coach has helped keep the right perspective and get things back in alignment. He was very helpful in viewing where we were at in a positive perspective and keeping the right attitude when looking at defeat. He has helped us grow to be better business owners in the knowledge he delivers. Keeping us fed with great knowledge in books, suggestions and a different perspective is what I have found to be the most value in coaching this year. Helping me learn what a great business owner is and then focusing on an action plan to become it has also been very valuable. Tom helps us keep our focus. Keeping an eye on the big picture and the present and learning how to balance the two. Knowing our KPI’s daily has been one of the most helpful systems and habit’s that he has helped us to develop. Motivating us to get some unfinished business back on the plate has been a key. Our partnership agreement was at a standstill and was dragging us down. Helping us to realize this and getting it back on the priority list has been a huge step that needed to be taken. Tom and the ActionCOACH of Elm Grove team have pushed us by helping us to see the benefits of getting it done. He has also played a great 3rd party role in this when needed." Thanks Tom!

Movin & Lubin – Jared Bell

Like any good turnaround story, the astounding progress made in 2011 by Innovative Systems must be understood in the context of 2010. In September of 2010, co-owners Rich Jankowski and Jeff Steier were tired of the long hours with no financial reward and no light at the end of the tunnel. The sluggish economy coupled with the negative attitude of the owners had caused them to come to the conclusion that the best course of action would be to quit running the business and sell it off to someone else. As a last ditch effort, they teamed up with ActionCOACH Business Coach Tom Palzewicz and discovered that they had been spending far too much time working in the business rather than on the business. Working with their business coach, Rich and Jeff began testing and measuring every facet of the organization and learned that by focusing on running the business rather than operating it the passion, vision, and belief that caused them to start the company 23 years ago returned. According to Rich, “We now believe that we can overcome any obstacles and take advantage of opportunities that may come our way, and we felt nothing like that in 2010.” In fact, the attitude of the owners has changed so dramatically that rather than focusing simply on finding a way to sell the business profitably, Rich and Jeff have reorganized 85% of the business, systematized the processes of the business, and perhaps most tellingly have started a new product line from vision to deployment. Coupled with the improved and enthusiastic attitude of the business owners, the new product offering has Innovative Systems poised for an impressive year in 2012. But the most important shift happened this past year as Rich and Jeff made the decision to take ownership and responsibility for the success of their business thanks to Coach Tom Palzewicz!

Innovative Systems – Rich Jankowski & Jeff Steier

"Jim, thank you for introducing SWICKtech to the EOS® Process. Using EOS®, we have a management team that’s working together better than anything we have tried in the past. I personally have been able to take additional time away from the office doing those things needed to grow the SWICKtech brand. Each department is using the process to run their meetings and to keep everyone on track to meet our company goals. When we started in May of 2014 with the first 90-minute meeting, I could see a couple of managers symbolically roll their eyes at yet another attempt to get us ‘organized’. By the end of the year, everyone on the team has embraced the positive change in the organization. We actually accomplish real decision making in our Level 10 meeting and continue to grow the company with the methods we have learned. Thanks again for helping us implement EOS® and for helping me become a better leader through your coaching and insight."

Gary Swick, SWICKtech

“We have been using the EOS® method of leadership now for over 2 years. Our leadership team was a little clumsy with it at first, however Jim Palzewicz of ActionCOACH was a great teacher and mentor and helped us implement it successfully. Being accountable and getting to the why of an issue is sometimes the hardest part of the process. Every Level 10 meeting we work at going deeper and getting to the root of our issues and ultimately  solving them! Recently, we have implemented the process to the whole company by creating departmental vision traction plans. This is where everyone has a number and trying to help us get to the next step in our growth. They are becoming invested in our company. I would highly recommend the EOS® process and especially utilizing Action Coach as the implementer. It has definitely helped us experience a 23% revenue growth over these last two years.”

Richard Magliocco – Exhibit Systems